Jose Barrera

Hello World!


Enthusiastic Computer Science student with a passion for technology. Adept at problem-solving, coding,
and collaborating in team environments. With a commitment to continuous learning, I am excited about
the opportunity to contribute to the success of your team while expanding my expertise in the field.


University of Texas at Tyler

Tyler, TX

Bachelor of Computer Science

Expected Graduation FALL 24

My Projects

Linux Shell

UT Tyler, TX | SPRING 2023

• Initiated and completed a project to deepen my understanding of operating system
command-line interfaces by designing and implementing a basic Linux shell.
• Leveraged my knowledge of Java to develop a functional command-line interface,
focusing on creating a user-friendly experience and ensuring the execution of commands.
• Addressed and resolved numerous challenges related to command parsing and execution,
employing innovative problem-solving strategies and debugging techniques to refine
functionality and performance.

Travel App Database

UT Tyler, TX | SPRING 2023

• Encountered diverse and complex database requirements, I took the initiative to delve
deeper into learning and understanding the intricate aspects of database design. This
proactive learning approach enabled informed and effective decision-making,
contributing to the optimal functionality of the end product.
• Presented with the opportunities to work directly with database management and
MySQL, I eagerly engaged in hands-on tasks and sought to enhance my technical skills.
This experience was invaluable in my ongoing professional development and reinforced
my passion for continuous learning.
• Confronted with design conflicts and technical issues, I explored innovative solutions and
continuously sought feedback to refine the system. This commitment to continuous
improvement optimized user experience and resolved potential impediments, ensuring the
project’s success.

Personal Library Management System

UT Tyler, TX | Ongoing

  • Developing a dynamic library collection application using Spring Boot to streamline the backend processes and ensure a responsive user experience.
  • Integrating MongoDB to efficiently manage and store vast collections of books to optimize data retrieval and search capabilities.
  • Leveraging Spring Boot’s MVC architecture with MongoDB’s flexible schema to facilitate seamless additions and updates to the library’s catalog.

Contact Me

  • 903-787-2814

You are more than welcome to provide any feedback. I believe it is essential for my growth as a person and as a student.